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Prrice: 12 000 UAH


Soundsory-patient care with multisensory stimulation

The Soundsory® headset is a multi-sensory motor and cognitive skills programme suitable for children from the age of three.

Combines specially designed music with movement exercises based on the principle of neuroplasticity. The 40-day home programme uses neuroacoustic modifications for 30 minutes a day and offers access to a variety of exercises.

Also, supports the development of balance, co-ordination and sensory processing.

Soundsory® is suitable for both private and professional use.

Important note: this product is not a substitute for medical diagnosis; medical advice is recommended for wellness issues.

Soundsory® Headset-a multi-sensory home program for improving motor and cognitive skills

The Soundsory® headset is an advanced multi-sensory home programme designed to improve motor and cognitive skills through a combination of specially designed music and movement exercises. The 40-day programme, consisting of daily 30-minute sessions, uses neuroacoustic modifications and the principle of neuroplasticity to provide multi-sensory stimulation.

This stimulation aims to improve sensory integration and cognitive function by stimulating the brain to form new neural connections.


Price: 12 000 UAH

Soundsory® Headset Product Details

Product Features

  • 40 daily rhythmic music sessions
  • Music is processed using a patented dynamic filtering system.
  • High quality speakers with air and bone conduction.
  • Simple button and on-screen navigation and on-screen navigation
  • 9 hours battery life
  • Bluetooth mode for use as a regular headset

Product Advantages

  • Supports the development of motor and cognitive skills
  • Exercises sensory and auditory processing
  • Balance, coordination and movement planning training.
  • Trains attention and concentration
  • Adapts to individual needs and capabilities
  • Utilises air and bone conduction to effectively stimulate the brain.


  • 1x audio headset
  • 1x carrying case
  • 1x headband
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x User's Manual
  • Access over 50 videos and exercises through the Soundsory app

Technical information

  • Programme duration: 40 days
  • Daily use time: 30 minutes
  • Battery life: 9 hours
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Sound transmission: Air and bone conduction.
  • Music processing: patented dynamic filter system

Additional information

  • Access over 50 videos and exercises through the Soundsory app, available on the App Store and Google Play and online, adapted for different levels of ability (from beginner to advanced).
  • Suitable for children aged three years and over, it adapts to a wide range of needs and abilities.
  • Soundsory® is suitable for both private and professional use.
  • Soundsory® can also be used as a regular Bluetooth headset, in which case the special filtering and bone conduction features are disabled.

Important note: this product is not a substitute for medical treatment; medical advice is recommended in case of health problems.

Scientific research underpinning Soundsory

Soundsory® is based on the extensive knowledge, research and technology of the TOMATIS® method, a method of neurosensory stimulation used in more than 3,800 therapeutic institutes and speech centres in over 75 countries. The creators of Soundsory are also the creators of the Tomatis method. The Soundsory concept has been developed on the basis of numerous scientific studies.

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