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Our products help people unlock their potential and improve their quality of life through brain stimulation.

We help children and adults overcome learning, attention, speech and language, sensory and hearing problems.



What is it?

Dear parents, professionals, centre managers and everyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their classes with children or practice on their own! If a child has at least some speech activity, even babbling, the effectiveness of classes with them can be improved with the FORBRAIN® headset. Moreover, FORBRAIN® can be used both in classes with specialists and at home, and is very easy to use!

  • The sale is carried out by the official manufacturer FORBRAIN®.

Areas of application for the FORBRAIN® headset

  • correction and compensation of speech disorders (dysarthria, stuttering, dyslexia)
  • improvement of memory, concentration of attention
  • Improving the processes of information perception
  • development of phonemic awareness
  • Improved synthesis and analysis of speech sounds
  • training in pronunciation and expressiveness of speech in your native or foreign language
  • overcoming difficulties in learning to write and read aloud with poor comprehension of the material read
  • improvement of coordination of movements, sense of rhythm


What is it?

  • SOUNDSORY® is a multi-sensory training programme based on the TOMATIS® method to improve motor and cognitive skills. The programme consists of specially selected music, processed through neuro-acoustic modifications, and a series of exercises aimed at improving coordination and body control.
  • SOUNDSORY® is much more effective than most traditional listening programmes, as it uses advanced bone conduction and dynamic frequency filter technologies.
  • SOUNDSORY® can be combined with traditional methods of treatment and correction

Areas of application of SOUNDSORY headphones

Designed for children over 2 years old and adults


  • Autism spectrum disorders and developmental disorders
  • attention deficit disorders, ADHD and ADD
  • Delayed development of motor skills, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, balance and coordination
  • impaired processing of sensory and auditory information

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