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Forbrain Bone Conduction Feedback Headset

Forbrain uses bone sound and the TOMATIS method to potentially improve speech speed, concentration and memory.

Anecdotal evidence suggests benefits in reading ability and voice quality. However, scientific evidence remains limited.

Forbrain does not replace therapy, but can be used as an adjunct, for example in cases of ADHD.

Important: regular training and realistic expectations are required.

Forbrain Headset - Bone Sound Technology: Training Cognitive and Language Skills

Forbrain is a state-of-the-art device designed to help people develop and improve their language and cognitive skills.

Using bone sound technology and the TOMATIS method, Forbrain offers a modern way to improve language skills, concentration and memory. It is designed for people who want to improve their reading skills, voice quality, pronunciation and listening comprehension.

Forbrain is designed as an aid and does not replace professional therapeutic or medical treatment; it can be used as a supplement, for example in the case of ADHD. Regular training and realistic expectations are necessary.

Important note: this product is not a substitute for medical treatment; medical advice is recommended for wellness issues.


How does Forbrain work?


Voice recording

Speak into the high-sensitivity microphone and it captures the sound waves of your voice, sending the information to a dynamic filter for processing


Filtering and modulation

To deliver your corrected voice, a patented filter continuously amplifies high-frequency sounds and softens low frequencies while blocking out ambient noise.


Bone conduction sensors

Sound is transmitted through the temporal bones. This bone conduction delivers auditory information to the brain 10 times faster than air conduction (through the ear canals).


Forbrain is an innovative way to support the development of cognitive and language skills.

It emphasises the importance of regular training and realistic user expectations. As a complementary tool Forbrain can be useful in various areas of personal development, but requires further research to confirm long-term effects.

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Price: 12 000 UAH

Forbrain® product details

Product Features

  • Utilising Bone Sound technology for direct sound transmission.
  • Uses the TOMATIS method to promote language and cognitive development.
  • A dynamic filter that modulates specific voice frequencies.

Product benefits

  • Speech training: support to improve pronunciation, melody and speed of speech.
  • Concentration training: promotes attention and concentration.
  • Memory training: supporting the ability to remember and memorise
  • Teaching reading and spelling: complements reading instruction and reduces spelling errors.


  • Forbrain headset (now with tandem microphone)
  • Protective coating
  • Accessories

Technical information

    • Loudspeaker - double bone sound transmission
    • Sensitivity - 100±3dB
    • Type of microphone - rear electret condenser rear
    • Sensitivity -60 dB±3 dB
    • Playback time - up to 6 hours
    • Charging time - about 3 hours (using a USB cable)
    • Weight - 50g.
    • The colour is black with blue transducer pads.
    • The size of the box is 190x165x63 mm.
    • Headphones with bone sound transmission
    • Very sensitive microphone
    • Dynamic filter to create contrast in perception

LED indicator

      • Continuous blue indicates normal operation.
      • The blue light goes out and turns off - The battery is too low.
      • Lights up red - the headphones are charging.
      • Red light goes out - charging is complete

The voice is simultaneously picked up by the microphone and processed by a dynamic filter to create a tangible contrast and ensure that sound is transmitted to each side of the temporal bone through the bone.

Additional information

How to use the device

  • How to wear: the odour patch is worn behind the neck with the sensors placed on the bone in front of the ears, not on the ears! The microphone should be placed at least 3 cm from the mouth, but not too close to the mouth to avoid noise interference.
  • How to charge : Forbrain connects to a PC or charger via a USB cable to charge via a standard USB port. Forbrain is fully charged in 3 hours. The LED indicator is permanently red during charging and permanently blue after charging.

More info

  • The effectiveness of Forbrain is the subject of ongoing research, and it is recommended that the device be considered as an adjunct to traditional learning and development methods.
  • Regular workouts are essential to achieve results.
  • If you have certain medical conditions or pre-existing conditions, it is recommended that you consult a medical professional before use.

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